Eve Spectrum QHD 240Hz Review

Eve Spectrum QHD 240Hz Review

In this article, we share our Eve Spectrum QHD 240Hz Review. ( NOTE – This is a Preview – Our Review will follow upon release )

Eve Spectrum QHD 240Hz Review

Pros – TBC

Cons –  TBC

Screen size: 27-inches | Panel type: IPS | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 | Response time: 1ms | Refresh rate: 240Hz | Aspect ratio: 16:9  | Release date: TBC – Q4 2020

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In 2019 Eve announced Eve Spectrum, a crowd-funded project to develop a series of three gaming monitors with previously unseen specs. One of the three models is a 240Hz 1440p IPS monitor which would be the first of its kind. According to the January 2020 announcement, it is available for pre-order for shipping in Q4 2020.

The specs boast a 1ms response time with G-Sync and Freesync compatibility. As the first 240hz 1440p monitors using an IPS panel due on the market, we are highly anticipating the release.  Watch this space for more updates as we get closer to release. See our list of the Best 240Hz 1440p Monitors